Emptiness was filling the room,
As things were removed,
The memories still echoed,
Through the walls,
Even though much was not there anymore,
The days were going quick,
Studying the last bit of the walls,
That was part of her home for so long,
Many good things were made there,
Many bad things were done there,
The day was approaching quickly,
Excitement was thick in the air,
Life was moving forward,
And soon she would be starting a new,
She was marrying her best friend,
In a few days’ time,
Anything but emptiness was in her heart,
Her heart was so big,
Full of love,
For her future,
The day was finally coming,
And the emptiness from the past,
Was retreating more,
And more by the day,
Was around physically,
In the room,
But fullness,
Was taking its place,
Within her heart,
As the days chase each other,
And things keep on going,
Emptiness in the room was growing,
Emptiness in her heart was fading,
And fullness was replacing,
The emotions in her heart,
And the love was growing,
Each and every day,
Leaving emptiness only physical,
In the room,
With the bare,
White walls.
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