Stand Tall

Stand tall,
Hold up your head,
Hold up your hands,
Keep on believing,
Even when they do not understand,
Even when you feel you cannot go on,
Because everything falls,
And falls down,
Falls down around you,
Reach out!
Reach out with your hands,
Reach out to the sky,
Have faith,
Have hope,
Just know in the depth of your soul,
Stand tall,
Take every moment,
Take this breathe,
Hold on,
Stay strong,
Through the thick,
And the thin,
Stand tall,
Hold up your head,
Hold up your hands,
Reach out like a tree,
As it reaches for the sky,
Remember there are always good times,
And there will be bad,
There will be difficulties,
But remember this,
Remember that these things,
Can make you stronger,
Make you stronger if you believe,
So stand tall!
Hold up that head,
Hold up those hands,
Bend down,
Take a moment,
But know this,
That as long as He is part of you,
As long as He is part of your life,
You can stand tall,
Because hope will always be there,
Right around the corner,
Through that valley,
Through that hardship,
Through the rain,
Through the pain,
Through every moment,
Because He never gives up,
He never stops loving you,
So stand tall,
Take that belief,
Hold on tight,
And keep on going,
Just like the tree,
That reaches out to the sky,
Know this,
And stand tall,
With every breathe,
With every depth,
With every hope,
To the end,
So stand tall,
With that hope,
With that belief,
To the end,
Because life is worth it,
There is a path ahead of you,
So believe in yourself,
Believe in Him,
And stand tall.
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