Things We Can Create

*Note* This is my 1,000 poem written.

I give you my heart,
You give me yours,
I give you my love,
You gave me your love,
I give you every tenderness,
That I can ever give to anyone,
And you touch me,
With your heart,
Your soul,
With your words,
With speechless actions,
You run your fingers,
Across my arm,
Across my skin,
Oh the things we can create,
Being here,
Being together,
In this oneness,
In this love,
In this joy,
In this forever,
I give you my dreams,
And you give me your dreams,
I give you my faith in you,
And you have faith in me,
I give you my vow,
You gave me your vow,
We spoke them,
Looking deep into each other’s eyes,
Looking into the depth of our hearts,
Our souls,
Our moments to that point,
I felt time stop,
As you spoke those words,
As I heard the melody,
I knew it was true,
It wasn’t just a dream,
Oh the things we can create,
We grow every day,
Through the various loves we share,
Being best friends,
Loving each other as lovers,
Loving each other selflessly,
Loving each other unconditionally,
I believe in us,
I believe in our dreams,
I believe God brought us,
Together and created this harmony,
Together to be in this life,
Not as two individuals,
But of one flesh,
One soul,
Oneness defined,
Oh the things we can create,
Just by believing,
By praising,
By praying,
By knowing,
By holding together,
Holding strong,
Putting each other first,
Putting each other as the most important,
Holding the glue in our marriage,
Knowing this is meant to be forever,
Meant for the very depth,
The very dream,
The very heart and soul,
Oh the things we can create,
Just holding each other,
Just holding on,
Showing the world,
Showing everyone,
That marriage can last a lifetime,
That love can last a lifetime,
That it can truly be a light,
Light upon this sometimes cruel,
And dark world,
As long as we hold on my darling,
We will be us against the world,
And then the world,
Those around us,
Will see,
Oh those things we can create,
When we keep focused,
Focused on us,
Focused on this love,
Until the very end.
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