Neptune's Embrace

Deep blue water,
Flowing endlessly,
Waves calmly rolling,
Where it cannot be seen,
Life below that surface,
Living in harmony,
Whales strike slowly and quick,
Following their family,
Fishes swim quickly,
Turtles roam and rest on the rocks,
Deep blue water,
Never truly resting,
Never truly stopping,
Just flowing from one place,
To another,
Water falls,
Flows down,
Becomes part of a stream,
A stream to a river,
A river to a lake,
A lake to the ocean,
Deep blue water,
Becoming one,
Deep blue water,
I look deep within your depth,
Look deep inside my heart,
As I pour my soul to you,
You embrace me,
With no explanation needed,
Embrace me Neptune waters,
Embrace my heart,
Embrace my soul,
Deep blue waters,
Embrace me,
And let me become part,
Of this never ending,
Always flowing,
Always a part,
Of the world,
Look deep into those blue waters,
Look deep into your soul,
Let the power of the water embrace you,
Let it flow through your heart,
And change you,
And see how you are,
A part of everything around you,
And that you belong,
As this world has a purpose,
For you,
Just look into the waters,
And find the answer you are looking for,
As you embrace Neptune’s waters.
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