Glow Across The Sky

The clouds come meet the sun,
As it glows across the sky,
Beauty hits the very breathe,
Of my soul,
As I stare onto the sky,
Looking with wonder,
Looking up,
Wondering how this beauty,
Could ever be fathomed onto words,
My skin glows from the sun,
The smile forms,
As I give longing glances,
To the one I love,
My love grows,
Every single moment,
Under this glow across the sky,
Your smile glows across your face,
Beauty is shared between the two of us,
As we become one again,
This Phenomenon cannot be explained,
It just is,
As you have me in the palm of your hand,
My whole self belongs to you,
Every moment is happiness,
This beauty is seen,
The glow increases,
As I cannot stop smiling,
I cannot stop loving you,
Every part of me belongs to you,
I submit,
Every single thing,
You bring everything,
Everything I could ever need,
I love you my darling,
These words are true,
As the glow goes across the sky,
And the sun strikes the sky,
Giving depth,
Maybe life isn’t perfect,
But it sure is worth it,
As long as I am with you,
Seeing that glow from your face,
Let our love,
Be a testament to the glory,
Of the beauty of God,
The sun glows,
Our love glows,
Every part of us glows,
As we glow together,
As our love glows,
From us.
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