For My Next Vacation

For my next vacation,

I just want to stay home with you,

I do not need to go anywhere,

Or do anything,

I just want to be within your arms,

I could care less where we go,

Or what we do,

We could stay home,

And just be in each other’s presence,

That is all I ever need,

To be holding you,

Caressing you,

To stand by your side,

To hold your hand,

To give you a hug,

To kiss you,

To just be with you,

To study with you,

To read out loud to you,

These are the things I enjoy,

Just simple things,

Of intimacy,

Growing in oneness,

Day to day,

For my next vacation,

I just want to be with you,

As long as I am with you,

Being with my wonderful love,

My beloved,

My husband,

My best friend,

My life partner,

As long as I am with you my darling,

Nothing else really matters,

We can go to any place,

As long as I get to be with you,

And enjoy those moments of peace,

Without the daily grind of your work,

Just being able to not worry about time,

Or having to be here,

Or there,

Just being with you my darling,

This is all that I desire,

For you and me to be together,

To just enjoy every moment,

That God has given us,

Have conversations,

Spending time together,

Learning more about each other,

With every passing moment,



Into what He has planned,

To be one,

And love each other,

With all the love types,

There is available to use,

I love you my darling,

Every single day,

I choose to love you,

With everything I am,

And I just want to be with you,

All the days of my life,

Rather it be on a vacation,

Or just spending time at home with you,

You are the key ingredient to a wonderful time,

Of happiness,

Of love,

Of beauty,

Of everything,

Because you love me.

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