Strangest Place For A Flower

The strangest place for a flower,

Is when it takes root in a place,

So hard,

So cold,

Heart was closed off,

Did not want to feel the pain,

Did not want to even feel the happiness,

That could come to it again,

It did not want to believe anymore,

It had gone down that route too many times,

Is the heart that is unyielding,

That rather forget than try,

That rather gives up than make it,

That rather fades to the shadows,

That rather deals with the cold than the warmth,

Because it just cannot anymore,

The strangest place for a flower,

Is when it blooms in a place,

That is so hard,

So cold,

That one could not imagine,

That one could not fathom,

But as the ice melted,

As the coldness turned into warm,

As the hardness turned into soft,

The flower started to bloom,

Bloom as never before,

As it reached out to the sky,

Took hold with its roots,

And believed,

And knew,

And trusted,

And stayed,

Because although it was a strange place for a flower,

The flower knew this was where it was meant to be,

Where it was meant to come to,

It knew that the job of the flower,

Was to give the hope,

The faith,

The healing,

The peace,

The serenity,

That was needed,

For that one person,

To fall in love,

To believe,

To turn the coldness and ice,

Of their heart,

And the hard and hurt,

Of their yesterday,

Into something beautiful,

For something to bloom,

Where nothing else could before,

And the flower glowed,

In the radiance of the sun,

And of the light,

And of the warmth,

And grew,

Where no one tried before,

Where no one believed before,

Where no one could have hope in,

But the flower knew,

Knew that even those,

Even those that do not believe,

Or have lost their way,

Needed the flower,

Needed it to stay,

Weather through the storm

Of life,

Until all around,

Was green,




And everything else,

And the flower,

Was no longer alone,

In that place that once was strange,

For the flower to be.

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