How Do You Pray

How do you pray?

Do you pray for just yourself?

Do you pray for every thought?

You can every think?

Do you take a moment to pray for others?

Do you give praise when you pray?

Do you give thanksgiving?

Do you thank God?

For all that you have in your life?

Do you give a moment?

To think of those in hardship?

How do you pray?

Do you ask God to open your heart?

To make any changes?

To live life another way?

Do you put away your pride?

Become humble?

Put your heart in His hands?

Believe in Him?

Give praise to Him?

Acknowledge His will?

Acknowledge His presence?

Thank Him for what He has given you?

How do you pray?

Do you bow your head?

Sit or kneel?

How often do you pray?

Do you pray without ceasing?

Do you give some moments of your time?

To give Him glory?

How do you pray?

Do you take those moments?

Do you give that praise?

Do you give thanksgiving?

Do you thank Him?

How you pray can make so much difference,

It can change your attitude,

Change your life,

Make you even more grateful,

Give you blessings uncounted,

Give you what is needed for your path,

That He ordains,

You may not be rich,

Or pretty,

Or have a huge house,

Or many other material things,

But the true things that come,

The true blessings that are given,

Is worth more than gold,

And so one wonders,

How do you pray?

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