Our Choices

We all think of those questions,

Of what should we have done,

In this situation or that,

Of that experience or another,

We blame our past,

Blame our lack of something,

Or another,

Blame the history,

That came before us,

Instead of focusing on today,

Focusing on the future,

We blame how someone has treated us,

Or the sort of hand we are dealt,

Instead of looking within,

Instead of looking at ourselves,

Our past can only be a part of us so much,

Our history can only be there,

It is only there for us to learn,

Learn from those that came before us,

We cannot just be hurtful,

We cannot just be mean,

We need to realize this at this moment,

That what we should have done,

Is more of what should we do now,

We can keep blaming one another,

Blaming this person,

Or that,

This hurt,

Or that hurt,

Or rise above it all,

We can make this choice,

Of our own free will,

We can choose to be this way,

Or choose to be that way,

We can choose to keep on blaming,

We can choose to keep on thinking about those things,

Or we can decide once and for all,

That our past will not define us,

That our history will not tell us who to be,

That we are going to be different than that,

That we are going to choose,

Not only to be positive,

Not only to have beliefs,

Not only the trust,

That we can be better,

Than our yesterdays,

That we can be beautiful,




Our choices,

Can define us,

But we can use those choices,

To start anew,

To believe in something better,

To take that faith,

Put it in our hearts,

Let it grow,

And treat people with kindness,

No matter what they say,

Or what they do,

To choose to be positive,

To choose to be different,

Than those before us.

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