The Best Ever

You have given me the best ever,

The best ever life,

The best ever love,

The best ever joy,

The best ever happiness,

The best ever moments,

Every single day,

In each single moment,

That I am with you,

You care for me,

Provide for me,

Believe in me,

Dream with me,

Hold me when I need the comfort,

Protective of me when I need it,

Give me your time and attention,

Every day through our lives,

You give me the best ever,

The best ever beauty,

The best ever wonder,

The best ever time,

Again and again,

There are no full words to ever describe,

How fully you complete my life,

How carefully God placed you within my life,

How wonderfully He put you into my path,

How joyfully wondrous we can now praise Him,

For giving us this blessing of being together,

In harmony,

In love,

In spirit,

In joy,

In hope,

In dreams,

In everything together,

With you my darling I will always have,

The best ever husband,


Best friend,

Fellow dreamer,



Everything wonderful in life,

I will always love you my darling,

Every moment,

Every day,

And I am constantly grateful for,

God giving me the best ever person,

That is perfect for me.

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