Without Him

Without Him in your life,

It can be deadly and dangerous,

It could be unsafe and unsure,

One could be buried within,

The loss of this world,

And the hurts without number,

Without Him when you look within,

You feel the true loss,

And the realization,

That you don’t want to go alone,

That you need a guiding hand,

A guiding love,

To keep you strong,

To keep you going,

Through this world,

With all the hardships within,

The defeats seem so many,

And the enemy plays all day long,

Without Him in your life,

Life may seem it is fun and games,

That it is a never ending party,

With never ending satisfaction,

But time catches up to us all,

And we are caught up in that pain,

And dissatisfaction,

And wanting something more,

And needing something more,

We keep on hoping,

We keep on believing,

We keep on playing,

That game,

That game we believe we can win,

When we try to go our way,

We believe it with our hearts,

And we do not see the hurt caused,

Within our souls,

We do not listen to the voice,

Calling to us all,

Without Him,

We are lost,

Lost without a compass,

Lost without a guide,

Lost without hope,

Lost forever more,

We need a guiding way,

We need a guiding hand,

We need a guiding hope,

Because this life is so much for us to understand,

We get so weary,

The enemy causes so much hurt,

We just can’t seem to comprehend,

We are so fallen we cannot see,

But if we put our trust in Him,

If we put our faith in Him,

If we let our eyes be open to Him,

If we let Him install wisdom,

He can carry us through,

Through this deadly and dangerous life,

That we face every day,

Through the temptations of this world,

And prepare us for paradise,

And prepare us for Heaven,

And prepare us to be able to fellowship with Him,

Forever more.

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