The Good Old Days

Conversations and times about those days,

Filled of moments that we both remember,

Times when we both did not have health issues,

When we didn’t have to worry or wonder,

We look back and remember with a smile,

We both remember days with better health,

You without the hand issues,

And less GERD,

And not even dealing with asthma,

Me without the hand issues growing from my motor skill,

The asthma that has gotten worse through the years,

And the amount of medications that has grown on my list,

We remember times of being able to do almost anything,

The sky was the limit,

So were the stars,

But yet we still keep on striding through and through,

Even though those seem to be the good old days,

Of times of no worries or wondering of things,

We know that it has grown us,

We know it has brought us to where we are today,

I wouldn’t change where I am now,

I wouldn’t change who I am now,

I wouldn’t change the ability to encourage,

And I know you feel the same,

We just want to bring about awareness,

And support to those with these issues,

As the light has been lite under us both,

We want to give hope to others,

Through those we come in contact to,

So although we can look back and remember with a smile,

And remember days with better health,

Days without issues we now deal with every day,

The good old days that could be,

We still dealt with hardship even then,

We still dealt with pain even at that time,

And we kept on going despite it all,

And I know we can continue to now,

So, remember this my dearest friend,

Even if it feels the good old days are gone,

That there are still good days ahead,

Even when there is hardship still around,

Because you still have support,

You still have people who care,

You still have blessings around you,

You still have me in your life,

And I will always be there for you,

Just as you have always been there for me,

And through this difficult time,

With our support system,

Our friends,

My husband,

And our different families,

We can get through these times,

And still have good days,

Through it all.

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