Don't Put Words In A Box

Do not put my words in a box,
Do not put my words into some stereotype,
Words are meant to be shared positively,
Words are meant to be shared in love and truth,
Words are meant to be touching to one’s inner soul,
And one’s heart,
And one’s being,
They do not need to fit some sort of standard,
Let them just speak and flow the way they wish,
All of us have our own inspirations,
Some write the words in rhyme and meter,
And some write the words free flowing and true,
And some write novels of fantasy or action,
And some write songs to those that need the inspiration,
And some write something totally radical and different,
And above all the rest,
So don’t put one’s words in a box,
Let them flow with their intent,
May it always glorify and honor,
May it remind people of better days and joy,
May it remind people dreams and beauty,
Throughout every moment of their lives,
Do not put words in a box,
Maybe they might not fit what you imagine,
Or what they should say,
But words are meant to be used in truth,
Let them never be used in harm or hurt,
But instead in beauty and love,
And truth and justice,
And to keep people encouraged,
But outside of that do not put them in a box,
Let them flow and be free,
Let them rhyme or meter if need be,
Let them speak in novels or songs,
Or articles or expressions,
But never put them in a box or stereotype,
Let them be strong on their own,
In their own accord,
To the end of the moments of their flow.
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