Tulips Are The Symbol of Love

Tulips are the symbol of love,
Not just roses who can be a gesture of love,
The very smell and depth of them,
The beauty within each stem,
Depth of one’s emotions,
Depth of one’s dreams,
Depth of one’s forever,
Until there is nothing else to be seen,
They show the beauty when all is fleeting,
They show the dreams when all is forgotten,
They show the world to the possibilities,
Of every portion that we forget,
Or stop believing in,
Or stop wondering in,
Or forget about not seeing the truth,
That is within each part of the world,
Do we stop and wonder still?
The beauty of the world around us,
So many people with regrets,
So many people with unhappiness,
So many people with vagueness,
Forgetting to stop to see,
The symbols of love all around them,
The wonderful emotion that thinks of all things,
Believes in all things,
Finds hope in all things,
So next time you see a tulip,
In the beauty of nature,
Remember the beauty,
Remember the smell and depth of it,
Remember the love that can grow,
Every moment of your life,
And when you need a symbol of love,
Look at the beauty of the tulip,
And be reminded of the true wonder,
Of the marvelous emotion of love,
And the truth of what it believes,
And the solidness of true love,
That can still exist in our lives.
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