Fantasy World

There are days in my life I wish I lived in a fantasy,
In a once upon a time fairytale,
Where there are princes and princesses,
Where Unicorns and Pegasus exist,
Where true love is never questioned,
Where there never seems to be a mention of disease,
Where good always seems to win,
Where bad always seems to fall,
And happiness seems to come at the end,
Where there is always an and they lived happily ever after,
There are days that I wish I lived in a fantasy world,
Where castles are common,
People are treated fairly,
Where good seems to reign supreme,
And evil always crumbles and falls,
Where the birds are always singing,
Animals live in harmony with humans,
Where there is always a good moral,
To the end of the story,
There are days I have wished I lived in a fantasy world,
Where everything seems perfect and true,
Where magical creatures are real,
Where honesty and fairness always win,
Where the prince always finds his true love,
And the princess is blessed by happiness,
Oh to live in such a world!
But, than I remember the world I live in now,
And although it may not always be beautiful,
And although good might not always win,
I would live nowhere else,
Because my true love exists here in this world,
Even with the disasters all around,
And I am grateful that true love can still exist,
And not just in fairytales.
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