No Matter The Cost

No matter what it might cost,
No matter what I might lose,
No matter what might go on every day,
I will continue to pray,
I will continue to believe,
I will continue to have faith,
I will continue to be in a relationship with Him,
No matter what I might read,
No matter how frustrating life can be,
No matter how hard a tomorrow could be,
I will keep on going,
I will keep on moving,
I will keep on because I know the race isn’t over yet,
I might be called names,
I might be hurt by those I cared about,
I might be told why keep on believing in this,
But I know what I am to answer to in the end,
I know what some cannot understand,
I believe in His way,
I believe in His will,
I believe in Him directing my path,
Even through the darkness and the light,
Even through the shadows and the peace,
Even through moments of unbelief,
I will continue to follow Him,
No matter the cost,
No matter the loss,
No matter the adversities I might face,
And the numerous ones I have already faced,
I know it will be worth it in the end,
Because when I see Him,
When I see His face,
When I know there is no more sorrow or pain,
The cost will be worth it,
The hurts will be wiped away,
The tears will be healed,
Because I will be forever with Him,
In His presence and love,
And know that every moment was worth it,
In the end.
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