His Perfect Plan

Every single moment,
Every single day,
Reminds me fully and completely,
How perfect God has brought us together,
How wonderful the plan was created,
How glorious it was put together,
Not only the salvation of my soul,
But the bringing together of our hearts,
And putting us together to become one,
He finally brought me the peace,
I had been searching and longing for,
For as long as I could remember,
The emotions I had been hiding,
The emotions I needed to release,
The emotions that have been inside of me,
Every single day I grow closer to you,
As God brings us closer to each other,
Through the many wonderful opportunities in our lives,
Through His word,
Through our prayers to Him,
Through our prayers for each other,
Through our growing love to each other,
Through always believing in our love every day,
Every single moment,
Every single day,
Reminds me fully and completely,
Reminds me beautifully and gratefully,
How wonderfully God’s plans truly can be,
When He works truly in our lives,
And brings a life event from the beginning,
And continues to renew it every single day,
Our marriage grows every moment,
It isn’t a single day sort of thing,
Our commitment continues to grow,
Our love for each other continues to grow,
Our blessings will continue to multiple,
Our joys will never cease,
Because when God brings together,
Two people to become one,
In an event like this,
And continues to be in their lives,
And continues to be in the center,
He will always continue to grow us,
Every day making one day become many,
And many days become years,
And many years become decades,
Our lifelong commitment will stem always,
From the commitment made,
From the life event,
That God prepared us for,
When He put us together from the beginning.
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