True Love Is

True love is when someone stands with you,
When everyone else does not,
True love is when someone believes in you,
When you feel the world turning against you,
True love is when someone is there for you,
When hurts and emotions are high in number,
True love is when someone loves you with everything,
And gives you everything they can,
No matter what it might cost,
Is there every step of the way,
Is there every moment,
Is there every day,
Is there through the easy times,
Is there through the rough times,
And all the times in between,
True love is when everything is going crazy,
You still have that person to lean on,
To hold you close,
To love you deeply,
That chooses to love you every day,
No matter what may come that day,
No matter where you are,
No matter what is going on,
No matter who might be trying to harm,
True love is when you can count on someone,
And they can count on you,
And you have that trust,
That is honest and true,
And you have that friendship,
And you have those dreams,
And you know that no matter what,
Everything is okay as long as you two are together,
As you weather through any storm of life,
As you weather through every moment together,
And I know that you are the one my darling,
True love is the everyday mundane,
The moments that not only take our breathe away,
But also the moments that are simple and true,
The moments that we might take for granted,
But every single day with you,
I will never take for granted,
Because of how much I love you,
True love is every moment I spend with you,
Every day you are with me,
Every day you stand with me,
Every day you are here by me,
No matter what the world might be around us,
You are standing with me true,
Because the love we have is everlasting,
And pure forever through eternity.
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