Our Hope In This World

This sad and tragic world we live in,
Filled with violence and pain,
Filled with people hurting others,
And questions left unanswered,
This is the time we need to turn back,
Turn back to God,
Sin exists all over the world,
People doing things we don’t understand,
We want to wonder why,
Why is this happening to good people?
Why is this happening to those just doing everyday living?
Why are some lives cut short in this world?
We need to start changing,
We need to start changing our ways,
We need to not only come together as people,
And stand for the good and for justice,
We need to stand for God,
Stand for the one that can make the changes,
The one that is in control,
We need to put our lives in His hand,
And pray for Him to start changing lives,
Change those people,
Who want to hurt,
And change them into living for Him instead,
He is our hope in this world,
He is the one that can cause changes,
He can bring justice,
He can bring hope,
He can bring peace,
And He can change hearts,
He is our hope in this world,
And although many hearts are hurting,
And many hearts are mourning,
May we help our neighbors in this hour,
And pray for their strength,
Pray for healing for those injured,
Pray for those who are grieving,
Pray for those rebuilding their lives,
May we all remember that He grieves with us,
That He mourns with us,
That He loves us,
And that we must turn now,
And turn every moment that we can,
To Him and ask Him to please,
Come change our country,
Come change the hurt and violence,
Come give us the strength,
Come give us the opportunity,
To give hope to those that feels lost,
In this world of hurt and violence,
And may we stand on the word of God,
And reach out to all those that need Him,
Need His forgiveness,
Need the salvation freely given,
Need the hope that we will see our loved ones again.
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