The World Out There

The world out there is not always easy,
Especially growing up in today’s technology,
There are bullies everywhere,
People who try to hurt you,
People who try to put you down,
People who tease you,
But hold on strong,
But hold on with your inner beauty,
But hold onto the knowledge,
That no matter what anyone puts you through,
No matter what adversity you might deal with,
No matter what names you are called,
That you deserve to live like everyone else,
That you are a person,
That you are someone who has emotions,
That you are someone that shouldn’t be bullied or teased,
That you are someone who can let it build you to be stronger,
That you do not need to let them win,
The world out there is not always fun,
It can have hardships and difficulties,
Times when you will be tested by others,
By yourself,
By people you care about,
But if you put your faith in Him,
And keep your eyes on His Will,
And believe with every step of the way,
That He will direct your steps,
And that He knows the best for you,
Life might not always be easy,
But it will be worth it,
And peace will be found when everything seems to be gone,
And joy will surround you even when others leave you,
Because He will never forsake you,
And He will always love you,
Even when others might turn away from you,
The world out there is not always enjoyable,
There are those that will step on anyone,
Just to make a buck,
There are those that will cheat on you,
Or abuse you,
Or cause you pain,
But there is still hope in the end,
Because as long as you remember these words,
And you remember to wait for marriage before making other decisions,
And remember to keep your eyes on Him,
And remember to keep to His way,
Life will be truly full of joy even in this world that is out there,
So, don’t let bullies hurt you,
Don’t let the pain cause you to forget,
Don’t let the violence out there forget what is important,
The world out there might not always be easy,
Especially growing up in it,
But life can be worth living,
Life can be a joy,
And happiness is still there,
If you seek Him in prayer.
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