Serving Him

Go ahead and try to expose me,
Go and find everything underneath it all,
I have nothing to hid,
I have nothing to be ashamed of,
I have made mistakes,
I have paid my dues,
I have asked for forgiveness from God,
I know I have done some things that were a sin,
But thankfully there is grace,
And that no one is perfect,
And that God is gracious,
And that He forgives,
And that He is the one to judge me,
And that you truly can’t,
Go ahead and persecute me,
Go ahead and leave my side,
Go ahead and vanish forever,
It might hurt for a while,
But awhile is not forever,
It is not eternity,
And I am eternity bound,
Go ahead and try to get underneath the surface,
Underneath the surface of my life,
Of my past,
Of my history,
Of everything that has made me,
Use my friends,
Use my past friends,
Use anyone you can,
Use these words if you wish,
Use my gift of writing,
Use whatever will make you feel better,
About yourself if you wish,
It will not matter to me at all,
I have been washed clean from everything,
Because I asked the Lord to be my Savior,
I asked Him for forgiveness,
I asked Him to come into my heart,
I asked Him to change my life,
I asked Him to wash it all away,
I asked Him to give me the strength when I am weak,
I asked Him to give me the hope when none is left,
I asked Him to give me the courage when there is none,
I asked Him to let me be His forever,
I asked Him to use me,
For His glory and honor forever more,
I care less about material gain,
I care less about what the world views me,
I care less about any popularity contests,
I care less because what matters is Him,
Things in this life is temporary,
Things in this life are not permanent,
The only thing I can hope for,
Is the kind of legacy that points to Him,
And what sort of example I show to others,
And the testimony I can bring,
That my words could speak of His glory,
Of how He can truly transform a person from nothing to everything,
Without needing anything,
Without needing what the world believes is important,
Seeing that there is more to life than that,
Because true treasure is not gold,
The true treasure is serving Him,
Every single day,
In every single way,
That I can.
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