Just Beneath The Surface

Just beneath the surface,
Just underneath it all,
Behind those eyes,
Behind that smile,
Behind those curves,
That seems to go for a mile,
Behind everything lies a woman,
A woman who has gone through many things,
That looks to be strong but sometimes weak,
That looks to be good but going through pain,
That looks to be anything but what she can be at times,
She was taught to hide it all,
All beneath the surface,
All beneath every fiber of her bones,
All beneath everything that is her,
But, she keeps going every day,
Because there is so much out there,
And she does have faith,
And she does believe she can have true strength,
And that she doesn’t always have to hide it,
And that it is okay to wake up the hurt inside,
And to face it head on without stuffing it inside,
Ever since she has found him,
The one that has brought so much warmth in her life,
Ever since they have become one,
She has finally found peace and faith,
To release it all,
To stop hiding the emotions,
To be able to speak them each word in its time,
To show beneath the surface,
Show the strength and the pain,
The love and the beauty,
Every portion of herself,
Just beneath the surface,
There is much to be found,
And he has been learning it all,
Loving her more and more each day,
And she is forever grateful,
To find the one she truly loves,
That has scratched and digs beneath the surface,
And loves every bit of the real her,
To where she feels safe and loved,
Every moment of her life.
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