Trading Something For Another

In this world of ours it is so easy to trade something for another,
To give something for something else,
Do we ever listen?
Do we ever learn?
Do we ever see the truth?
We believe trading certain things
Will make our world better,
But we forget who truly is in charge,
Of our world,
Who created everything,
Who still has plans for each one of us,
If only we listen to His words,
If only we listen to His instructions,
And because we aren’t listening,
The world is becoming more and more,
Unlike the word of the Lord,
Because we won’t fight for His Word,
We won’t fight for His instructions,
We won’t fight for the Truth,
Because we are simply afraid,
But now our world around us,
Has traded what is wrong from what is right,
Has traded what is immoral from what is moral,
Has traded what doesn’t work from what does,
We keep trying to redefine the true laws of our world,
We believe that we have a better way,
We believe that we know better than Him,
When can we ever listen?
When can we ever learn?
Why can’t we find a way to turn back?
From all that is hurtful to us,
Instead of being hurtful to ourselves and others,
Can we find a true way?
To stop trading something for the real thing,
To stop trading God the creator of our world,
For something dark and menacing that is destroying,
The world bit by bit,
But we have to keep fighting,
Those of us that know the truth,
We have to keep going,
And find a way to slow and stop,
This trading of one thing for another.
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