Love Is More Than

Love is more than just kissing each other,
Than holding each other in one’s arms,
Than just being with a person,
It’s about giving everything you have,
And letting God be in the center of it,
About being friends and lovers,
About being God centered and God loving,
About never putting down each other around one’s friends,
About listening to the other when they speak,
About forgiving even through difficulties,
It’s about understanding the good and the bad,
To keep on going through the hurtful and the hard,
About not letting things of this world tear you apart,
Love is more than just hooking up,
Or having sex,
Or how many people you can be with,
Or what that person can do for you,
It is about how you feel without them,
It knows that your life isn’t the same,
That they are a part of your being and your heart,
That they are where the inner part of you,
Feels the most home,
Love is more than just the small things,
It is every single big thing in your life,
It is the combining of two people into one,
It is giving and receiving,
It is being there when life gets difficult,
Love is about commitment to one person,
Not to many people that you can be with,
When you truly love you don’t need anyone else,
You don’t need to keep yourself open for someone else,
You don’t need to bounce around from person to person,
You find the person that is the right one for you,
The one God will give to you,
Love is more than just these things,
That we have assigned meaning to now,
More than the things that really stands in the way,
Of a true relationship and love,
Of a true commitment,
When we just keep treating it like nothing,
And that it is lower than dirt it suffers,
We need to stop letting it suffer,
And let love be more than just actions,
But words and emotions,
But hopes and dreams,
About fighting for the right,
And holding on through the rough times,
And not letting silly things break us,
And letting our lives build,
And to keep believing anyways even when others,
Seem to lose hope,
But love is more than that,
It does not give up on hope,
It keeps on going,
It keeps on believing,
It endures through everything,
If only we remember this,
If we put our energy in our relationships,
And on the true aspect of love,
We can find what we need,
And we will be blessed,
When we remember that love is bigger,
Than many things in this world,
And that if we truly love someone,
We can make it through everything,
Every trial and tribulation,
Every hard time,
Because even in love we will have rough times,
We will have hurts and pains,
But if we know the truth of love,
We can turn these things to our favor,
And make our connection so strong,
That nothing in this world can tear it apart.
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