Christianity Is More Than

Christianity is more than a religion,
It is a direct relationship with the Lord,
At least to those that are the followers of Christ,
It is stronger than any ritual that might be done,
It is a link to your whole entire life,
It builds on every part of your being and your soul,
It takes and changes every part that you are,
It’s not about having fear over certain lifestyles,
It is about becoming more like Jesus every day,
And turning away from our sinful ways,
We have no fear on anything with Jesus as our head,
We just try to strive to His ways,
Which is higher than our own thoughts,
And is above the way we can ever perceive,
We aren’t going to understand everything,
Until God makes us perfect,
And fully finishes stripping away all our layers,
And makes us fully holy and blameless,
Christianity is more than a religion,
It is more than just believing we are above others,
Because if we keep honest of ourselves,
We know that we are not perfect yet,
And that although we are forgiven,
That we need to show others the love God has shown us,
By giving us His son,
By giving us salvation,
He could have decided to let us all torment,
But because He cares about His creation,
He was willing from before we ever existed,
To give us His son to ratify us to Him again,
He gave us free will,
He gives us daily grace,
He gives us all a chance to repent,
As He wants everyone to come to Him,
And yet we want something more,
And yet we want to tell the creator of our world,
How things should be,
And not realize that we all have fallen short,
But as long as we come to Him,
Repent of our sins,
Repent of our wrongdoings,
He will give us everything we truly need,
He will give you blessings above anything you can imagine,
And when you give your life to Him,
After all He gives to us every day,
Even when we do not believe in Him,
Even when we are lost to Him,
Even when we go on hurting ourselves,
He gives even more when we come into relationship with Him,
When you are a true Christian,
And truly follow Christ,
And follow Him as the Lord,
You will see through the changes,
That He gives through your whole life,
That Christianity is truly more than a religion,
It is a relationship with someone who loves you,
Cares for you,
And wants the best for you unconditionally.
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