You Don’t Need New Year Resolutions

You don’t need New Year resolutions to be resolved,
To change your life and your goals,
All you need is the strength to create goals,
To break them down to pieces,
And to carry through,
To challenge yourself,
Yet to give your life an overhaul,
Goals don’t have to be the ones used all the time,
You can change how you treat people,
How you treat yourself,
How you talk about people,
How you talk about yourself,
How you show love to those,
That may hurt you through the year,
And give people second chances,
When no one else will,
To forgive those of your past,
And those that might hurt you this year,
And those that you don’t feel of forgiving,
To let go of those things that hurt you,
To let go of those things you do not need,
To let go the worry and stress,
And the trying to get ahead or be better,
Than someone else,
You don’t need New Year resolutions to be resolved,
To change the world around you one action at a time,
To give to others in time of need,
To be someone people can count on,
To be humble about your life,
And to think of others and not just yourself,
You don’t need a new year to start changing,
You can bring change within any day that you wish,
You just have to believe in finding hope,
And believe that change is important,
When you start aligning these ideas,
And these thoughts,
And these dreams with God,
Than you become unstoppable,
And you can take this moment,
And you can take this day to change,
You don’t need a special occasion,
You don’t need no ball to drop,
You don’t need anything but realize,
Those things can be different for you,
You don’t have to be emotionally,
Physically strong,
Let God be your strength,
Let your goals and change relay on Him,
And you can go above and beyond the stars,
You don’t need New Year resolutions to resolve,
To find forgiveness,
To find peace,
To find true hope,
To find a change within yourself,
Through the workings of Him,
All you need is a heart change,
All you need is the heart of change,
And you can start changing your life,
One day at a time.
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