Friendship Is More Than

Friendship is more than just being there,
Being there through the good times,
And being there through the bad times,
It is being there for everything in between,
For being wisdom when wisdom is needed,
To call out the things that we need to change,
But to do it in a loving way,
To be a person that is there through everything,
And to give a small to get you through the roughest days,
It doesn’t have to be a friendship based in reality,
Although those are important as well,
But the bonds we make can trespass,
Through any limitations of different locations,
Friendship is more than how many years you know someone,
How well that you might know the very depths of their souls,
It is dealing with the changes that we all go through,
And trying the best we can to be there,
Even when we disagree with personal choices,
It is about the hard part of life,
And about trying to be there,
But also to be the voice of reason,
When no reason exists,
It’s about forgiveness,
The giving and the taking of it,
The not letting the pain,
Or the stubbornness stops what we feel,
It is about sometimes letting emotions go,
When nothing will solve any problems,
Friendship is more than who is your best friend,
Who is the closest friend,
Who is the one that means the most,
It’s not about where you are in the order,
It’s about being strong when they are weak,
Or being weak with them,
It’s about giving everything you have,
Even if you have been bruised before,
It’s about not having any regrets,
To keep the feelings alive within yourself,
It is caring about the emotions,
Even when you can’t see eye to eye,
Friendship is more than being able to see them,
Or be able to hear their voice,
It’s about always having them in your hearts,
In your mind and soul,
And praying for them,
And keeping them in your thoughts,
And being able to still fight for them,
Even if they no longer seem to be a part of your life,
You keep on saying good things instead of the bad,
You keep on believing in them,
Even when they no longer believe in you,
You keep on holding on,
Even when they have let go,
You love them with a type of love,
That Christ would show,
Even when they are no longer next to you,
Friendship is more than a moment emotion,
That could go away in a moment,
It’s about believing and hoping,
And giving it you’re all even if they do not speak to you,
Because they will always mean something to you,
Even if you do not hear their voice any longer,
Because friendship is more than a passing moment,
True friendship lasts longer than any fight,
Than any hardship that you might face,
True friendship is stronger than that,
And it holds onto the hope,
Even when hope doesn’t seem to be found,
And it holds onto the faith,
When faith seems low.


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