In The Company of My Love

In the company of my love I feel safe and warm,
I feel secure being wrapped within his love,
I feel adored to the very depths of my soul,
I feel beautiful more than I felt in my lifetime,
It is something about him,
It is something about how he looks at me,
When he thinks I am not looking,
It is how he makes me laugh,
It is how he lifts me up,
It is how he continues to bring me joy,
And even though I have lost much,
I have gained so much more,
I have been given something priceless,
That nothing can dare compare,
So may all else fade away,
I am content in staying in this place,
Staying here in the company of my love,
Where happiness is ever growing,
And love is always blooming,
I have put aside the shades of yesterday,
And the pain of those moments,
And the hurt from yesterday,
In the company of my love,
I feel like joy is never ending,
I feel light as a cloud,
As I hold onto him tight,
And I know I can trust him with everything,
With every bit of my life,
And every bit of my heart,
So even if I might lose other things,
Nothing is as important as this,
The moments I have with him,
The dreams that we share,
The love that grows every day,
The moments with him,
The bliss of happily ever after,
And when I am in the company of my love,
I don’t really need anything else,
He is all I have ever wanted,
He is all I have ever needed,
And my life feels complete,
Being part of him,
As he is part of me,
And how our lives,
Combine into one,
And the mystery of this feeling,
Is deep in our hearts,
And there is no need to explain,
As one cannot tell where he ends,
And where I begin,
We are one,
And one forever,
To the end of eternity.
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