The Future Of Our World

The future of our world seems so unclear,
With all the headlines that go on every day,
Many people are hurting at this moment,
Many we won’t ever meet,
They are the hungry,
The lost,
The hurting,
Those in dire need of health,
Need of food,
Need of water,
Need of just the basic things,
Some of us take for granted,
There is violence everywhere that you turn,
No place seems safe anymore,
What has gone on here?
What is going to be the future of our world?
Countries in debt to the ceiling and past,
Health care is not where it should be,
We are pushing out what built us strong,
We are shoving out the God of our Universe,
And we wonder why we are where we are,
We have been sleeping way too long,
When will we realize that our future looks bleak?
If we don’t start changing our lives,
If we all don’t take our voice,
And beg for a true change,
And pray for God to move through us,
And to give us wisdom in our every day,
We believe that we know better,
That we can carry this world just fine,
But everywhere we turn,
Liberties are nonexistent,
Or they are dying one by one,
And we just stand around not doing anything,
We need to start taking a stand,
Taking a stand for our future,
For what we leave after us,
To those that we love,
We need to start to change,
Because right now the future of our world,
Is looking bleak,
Even with the faith of God,
We need to still do our part,
We need to be part of the solution,
And stop being part of the problem,
We need to learn to love,
We need to show love the right ways,
And loving someone doesn’t mean you have to agree,
To everything that someone does,
It is about loving them despite whatever is going on,
We have to reach out,
Across the lines,
And the groups we have put each other in,
We need to take a stand,
And fight for the future of our world.
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