Arrival of Spring

We believe spring doesn’t arrive,
Until the days are sunny and bright,
We take for granted the dark clouds and the rain,
The beauty that can be found in God’s creation,
We forget about the arrival of the flowers and the trees coming to life,
As the leaves grow,
As the needles come,
As the roots sprout from the ground,
As the sky becomes hues we haven’t seen in a while,
We don’t believe that spring hasn’t arrived,
Just because the weather hasn’t done much changing,
We forget to take a moment and look,
Look around our world every now and then,
To stop and take a notice,
To stop and take the time,
To stop being so busy all the time,
And realizing there has been signs,
Signs that spring is arriving,
The weather might still be cold,
Or the rain might be falling in increase,
Or the sky might not be a perfect color of blue,
But if we appreciate the small things,
Those things that come with the arrival of spring,
The rebirth of life all around us,
A reminder of small things and moments,
A reminder of what is important,
To stop for a moment,
To forget about our cares for a moment,
To remember those beautiful things around us,
So let’s take this moment in time,
Let’s focus on the arrival of spring,
And see it more than just those things that we feel,
But those things that are within us,
Let us give rebirth to peace,
Rebirth to hope,
Rebirth to love,
Rebirth to joy,
Let us see those blooms around us,
And realize that we can let love bloom around us,
Let us give rain another look,
Remember that it causes growth,
And there are times in our life,
That we need growth and change,
That we need to come to another part of our life,
Let us give joy this spring,
Let us give our song to this year,
Let us resolute that this spring,
We won’t take for granted,
What God has in store for us,
And be open to the arrival of something new,
Something beautiful and lovely,
If we give those moments a chance,
And let spring give us a new chance,
To follow the Word,
To the end of our lives.
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