Brightness Into Your Life

Let my words be a brightness into your life,
Let these small thoughts of every day love,
Be the comfort that you need,
Let my embrace hold you completely,
Let my skin touch your skin,
And the brightness of the flash against flash,
Let the love radiate within our two hearts,
Let belonging together radiate within each moment,
Each breathe that we take,
Each moment that we share,
Each dream that we create,
Each day that comes by,
Let these words be a brightness,
Let them flow into your heart,
And touch every single part of you,
Let it flow within the depth of your soul,
Let them hold you through the days,
And the times,
And the moments,
Let them hold you together when you aren’t with me,
Let them hold you when life isn’t easy,
Let them make you stronger when strength seems gone,
Let these words be a brightness into your life,
Through every moment that we have together,
Through the ups and downs,
Knowing that I love you with every breathe,
With every smile,
With every joy,
With every hardship,
With every trial,
Let the brightness shine through you,
Through your heart and soul,
Let it be a strength in your life,
When everything else seems hard and crazy,
When everything else seems cold and lonely,
Let these words remind you,
That love radiates within me to you,
That my heart belongs to you,
And let that be a brightness,
A brightness into your life.
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