We don’t really comprehend,
We don’t really realize,
We don’t really grasp,
The amazing and vast of our universe,
The complete ins and outs of our bodies,
The extreme amounts of detail,
That goes into everything that we see,
There is so much we don’t realize,
When we look around our world,
We believe we know everything,
We make theories and tests,
We make guesses and deductions,
We look at everything the wrong way,
We can never know the depth of the creation,
The creation of our earth,
Of the sky and stars,
Of the universe around us,
Everything that we see is beyond our reasoning,
Even when we try to break and down,
Break and down to little pieces,
To try to understand,
But we cannot fully grasp everything,
Even when we try,
If we are true to ourselves,
We realize without our Creator,
Without our God,
That there would literally be nothing,
Nothing that we could delight in,
Nothing we could hope for,
Nothing to live for,
Nothing beyond anything in our minds,
We are finite beings,
Wishing we had infinite knowledge,
Wishing we knew the ways of God,
Wishing we knew why things were the way,
That we deal with every day,
Either we can turn to our own ways believing,
That we can use our small knowledge,
To think and believe,
What we think we know,
But our world,
Our universe,
Our life,
Is beyond our true understanding,
But we can understand what we need,
What we need to live,
If we stop trying to go beyond our understanding,
Beyond our knowledge,
And listen to the one that created us all.
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