Tears in Your Paper

The depth of your heartache,
The pain that is in the depth of your soul,
The joy that has become joyless,
The burning of your heart from the heart break,
The words are written in quick release,
As you hold fast to the keys on the keyboard,
Hoping to release all those emotions,
The ones pent up in the depth of your heart,
The ones that burn hot within your tears,
The tears that drop onto your paper,
But you do not look,
You do not stop,
You keep on writing anyways,
As the emotions pour through,
And the pain seems to only grow,
And your heart feels like it can’t take,
Take anything more,
You cry until you cannot cry anymore,
The blotches of tears are sprinkled throughout,
Those tears in your paper,
You feel that you cannot move,
Much less breathe,
The depth of your heartache,
The pain in the very depth of your heart,
Your heartbreak living throughout those words,
Those words that you quickly jot down,
Through the tears,
Wallowing silently within,
Needing something to believe in again,
Something to help you feel again,
Tears in your paper,
Tears in your eyes,
Broken dreamer you got to keep going,
Even when the tears sting,
You will find hope again in tomorrow,
Just hang on to what you believe,
And those tears will fade away.
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