Something Sinister

This world is being led by something sinister,
Something that we can see,
And something we cannot see,
It is being taken down by the powers of our government,
It is being taken down by the bias of the media,
And having us buy into things of unimportance,
And things that we should ignore,
And things that do not matter,
We cannot always see the true sinister,
That is behind all the grief of this world,
And how he orchestras these events,
And blinding people’s eyes,
And blinding people’s hearts,
And blinding people to this world alone,
There is something sinister in this world,
There are so many distractions in this world,
There is corruption everywhere that we look,
And we are told that we need to believe,
Instead of standing up and fighting for what is needed,
We are told to believe that a thing called choice,
Is the right thing to agree to?
We are told to believe that love cannot lost forever,
We are told to believe that God’s design for marriage is old-fashioned,
Or is out of date with today’s world,
Not realizing every day is God’s world,
We are told that people are born a certain way,
Not realizing that it is sin,
That causes the problems and troubles in our world,
But there is a way to overcome it,
By confessing and having faith in the Lord,
He will give you the strength you need,
To live a life that is more and more fitting of Him,
He will mold you,
He will fashion you,
And it will not always be easy,
But in the end you will be better for it,
There is something sinister in this world,
And we can see it if we pay attention,
If we look at the world around us,
The hurt and lost are crying out,
The oppressed and those needing hope are crying out,
Do you hear them?
Or has the sinister blinded you to that?
We are not perfect even those of us that know the sinister,
And know the truth of the Lord,
But we keep our faith in Him,
And He leads us the way,
And we may make mistakes,
Giving power to the sinister,
But as long as we keep going,
And call sin for what it is,
But also give someone love and grace,
The delicate balance of being a follower of the Lord,
We can help others cope with this sinister,
And not to be blind by the sinister,
The sinister of the Devil,
The one that will tell you lies,
Remind you of your past and mistakes,
Remind you that you are not worthy,
But even if we are not worthy,
We are righteous due to Christ,
And we have to keep walking,
And giving light and salt,
To this dark world that gives life to the sinister,
The one who will try at every cost,
To make you believe things that are wrong,
But you have a choice today,
Keep being blind to the sinister,
Or stand up and put on the armor of the Lord,
And walk strong with His strength,
And tell the sinister that you belong,
Belong to no one else but the Lord.
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