Emotions are More Than

Emotions are more than just fickle feelings,
Are more than just happiness or being sad,
Than feeling depressed or lonely,
Or being in despair or pain,
Emotions are not something that just go away,
Or fade into distant memory,
They are something that hold to the depth of your heart,
The depth of your soul,         
The depth of your life,
They hide in the recess of your mind,
And prickle up when you are unaware,
They catch you off guard,
When you want to hid,
Emotions are more than just passing feelings,
Those that might just stay around a little while,
And play with your heart,
And play with your mind,
And keep you thinking of those past times,
Keep you thinking about things that were buried deep,
Deep into your heart and soul,
Deep where you thought were no longer,
Where you start remembering the good times,
And not just the bad of yesterday,
Emotions are more than just a passing thought,
Of wondering how someone is,
Wondering if they still care or love you,
If they still remember the good about you,
If they kept believing in you,
Emotions are more than just words,
Words about the depth of your heart,
The depth of your soul,
The depth of your love,
The depth of your hopes,
The depth of your dreams,
They whisper out to you,
They talk to you when you are afraid,
When you are lonely and scared,
When you need a reminder of better times,
They give you the hope and desire to keep going,
To follow those emotions another day,
There are many that mistreat their emotions,
Or walk without giving them their due,
But emotions can be something to hold onto,
When everything else might not make sense,
It is important to give beauty,
And love the words that emotions can only express,
To give out a light where there are dark places,
Emotions are part of you,
They are a part of me,
They are a part of everyone,
And it is important to remember,
In the right light,
Emotions are something to believe in,
To hope in,
To give life to,
Even when there is hardship and emotions get hurt,
Remember that emotions are strong,
And that they can continue on,
Even when you are at your darkest hour.
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