Summer Memories

Red and golden skies,
Clouds of pure white,
That streak the sky,
The sun rising on yet another summer day,
Memories of old come rushing forward,
A conversation sparks memories of a summer,
Of many years ago,
Of times that were simple and free,
Of times when all we cared about,
Was just the simple joy of being together,
No worrying about trivial things,
No worrying about difficulties,
No worrying about anything but us,
Just holding hands and kissing under the sun,
Just being together worrying about nothing,
Summer sun didn’t always last,
Sometimes heartache would come,
But sometimes the summer would hold on,
Hold on despite the coldness from the fall,
Hold on despite the hardships of winter,
Hold on through the tempest of spring,
Hold on through every obstacle in front of us,
Red and golden skies,
The smell of cut grass in the air,
The memories of you and I come rushing to me,
The days of those yesterdays,
The days of simple and beautiful times,
The times where you still loved me,
But summer memories didn’t last,
Only in my heart do they still stay,
And even though you and I have faded away,
Those simple moments of bright skies,
And clear skies,
Will always keep the beauty of those summer memories,
In the depth of my heart forever.
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