You Can Make Me Smile

You can still make me smile,
Even after not seeing you for so long,
Even after not talking to you for many years,
Those years have seen changes in the both of us,
We both traveled life’s road,
And we both been heartache and hardship,
We both have dealt with things without the other,
And with a simple apology,
And a simple conversation,
We were friends again,
Recalling the good times of our life,
Remembering the joy that we had once,
Remembering that there was beauty not just hardship,
Makes me smile,
Being able to put the past behind us,
And to let go of those hurts of yesterday,
And just the natural way we can talk,
You can still make me smile,
You can still make me have a good time,
Sometimes the simple things are the things we forget,
When there has been hurt and hardship,
When there has been tears and pain,
We forget about all the good things that we have,
Because the pain cuts us so deep,
That we shared from those times long ago,
But now you are back into my life,
And I cannot stop smiling,
It’s amazing what forgiveness can bring,
I am happy that through your pain and strife,
That you are doing better than when the last I saw you,
There has been so many changes you have gone through,
And it is good to know you forgave me too,
And that makes me smile,
Knowing what they say is true,
Forgiveness is truly the best medicine,
It is truly the best outcome in one’s life,
Because you just never know,
What will make you smile,
If you are able to put things behind you,
And able to talk like it was yesterday,
You can make me smile,
The simple words did it all,
Something I needed for a long time,
Even though I was unsure when I messaged you,
I am glad I put that fear and doubt beside me,
And gave it a chance,
And now life has changed for the better,
As the smile that is on my face can attest,
That you can still make me smile,
And that smile can light another one’s world,
And bring some happiness to someone else,
Therefore, when you smile,
Be sure to give what has been given to you,
Rather it be peace or rest,
Forgiveness or another chance,
And perhaps than you will smile,
The way I have since you have made me smile.
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