Mistakes In My Life

I have made mistakes in my life,
Listened to the wrong people at the wrong times,
Forgotten dreams that I have had,
Given up on things that I should have held onto,
My life has been a whirlwind most of my life,
Through the ups and downs,
The trials and tribulations,
But this I know with all my heart,
Sharing my voice with the world,
Sharing the words that I write,
Even when it can be difficult,
With the health problems in my life,
I will never feel it is a mistake,
I will never feel I should give up,
Just because my life is not perfect,
No one’s life is perfect,
We all have our trials and tribulations,
We all have our difficulties and hardships,
And instead of putting someone down,
Or telling them to give up,
Let us not make a mistake,
By telling to keep reaching,
Reaching for the stars,
Even when no one else might believe them,
Even when no one else might care,
Even when it seems impossible,
I have made mistakes in my life,
Sometimes I have grieved the person I have loved,
And sometimes I have been too stubborn,
And instead of just insisting in my own way,
I should have just given a moment,
Just put beyond my selfishness,
And listened to your words,
And given you a moment to reach to my heart,
But I will never regret caring about you,
The way that I did and have,
The way that someone should have a long time ago,
And although it didn’t work out I am always here for you,
I have made mistakes in my life,
Followed the way of the world,
Listening to what they thought was right,
But feeling empty on the inside,
Wishing that there was something more,
But never knowing what it was,
And although I have lost friends due to it,
I will not regret changing my way,
And coming to the Lord,
And giving my life to Him,
And letting Him make me whole,
I have made mistakes in my life,
Many times for selfish or taking the easy route,
Instead of thinking of another or taking the higher ground,
And I know there will still be times,
That I will make mistakes,
And go the wrong way,
But there are many things in my life,
That will never be a mistake,
The ability to write and encourage others,
The ability to care and love,
The knowledge that Jesus is my Savior,
For the rest,
I will continue to strive for better,
To be someone with integrity,
To be someone with a heart toward others,
To be someone with joy and peace,
Even though the world around us can be hurtful,
To be someone to lean on,
In times of trouble,
To be someone whose words can encourage,
Inspire and give joy to,
And if I can even handle part of that,
If the Lord gives me strength,
And shows these things through me,
Than all the mistakes in my life,
All the times I have fallen down,
Will be worth it in the end,
Because with these mistakes,
I have grown to be more and more like Him,
Every day.
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