Just Want to Heal You

I just want to help heal you,
Heal you of those pains and hurts,
Of those yesterdays,      
The ones caused and not caused by me,
I just want to erase the ice around your heart,
Erase everything that blocks you in your life,
Let the sun in like never before,
To help make you whole again,
To have you truly smile,
And not just through the pain,
To have you truly happy again,
Just like the glimpses I use to see,
The ones when you were around me,
The ones that I have memorized in my heart and soul,
I just want to heal you,
Heal you of those things of your life,
Like you have helped healed part of me again,
Of a part of me that I didn’t even realize was gone,
You gave me something that no one could have given me,
And now I want to heal you,
And help you be full again,
To wipe away all those hurts in your heart and soul,
To take away that ice around your heart,
To let you feel you can let words in again,
To let you feel you can let emotions in again,
To let you feel that you can trust again,
I know that there has been much pain and strife my dear,
That you have been hurt so much,
That you feel that you cannot ever feel again,
But I know that it is possible,
Because there is always sunshine when you look enough,
When there is someone willing to go that extra mile for you,
To be there to help you regain trust and faith,
To help you regain the happiness that you left,
I just want to heal you,
Make you whole again,
Give you something to believe in,
Give you someone to believe in,
To feel love again,
I know that it takes time,
And that wounds can be slow to heal,
But take that first step,
And give trust and love a chance again,
Don’t let the things in your past,
Close you off to the possibilities,
Don’t let those things win over your heart,
Don’t let those things keep everyone out,
Break down those walls,
And those barriers,
And let the healing begin,
And let me give you the guiding hand,
To heal your heart,
So you can love once again.
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