Obsessed in this World

We are so obsessed in this world,
Of things that shouldn’t even matter,
Focusing our society focus on those issues,
That should truly be minor in this life,
Instead of focusing on the hurts and pains in people,
We put them in boxes saying they should fit,
In a certain context,
And that anything else is not okay,
Rather it be their weight,
Or how they look or dress,
What about those that cannot concern themselves?
Because they live in parts of the world that aren’t so blessed,
We are so blessed here in the United States,
Yet instead of focusing on those blessings,
Instead of focusing on helping others,
We are too busy obsessing,
About what to wear,
About how we look to others,
About rather or not we are keeping up with our neighbors,
About this thing or that,
It seems so petty to me,
Maybe I am the only one,
But I am tired of seeing this obsession over minor things,
Where is the obsession to the things that matter?
To those people who are not so blessed?
To those that are in pain and are hurting?
To those that are going through things we shouldn’t be ignoring?
To those that are hurt and forced into lives no one would want to live?
We are so obsessed in this world,
Of things that shouldn’t even matter,
When was the last time you thought of something else?
Instead of this celebrity or that one?
Instead of worrying if you are a size zero or about the person who gets teased?
Instead of thinking you are better or more responsible,
Just because you have more things than someone else?
When was the last time you showed compassion to someone else?
When was the last time you obsessed on how someone is feeling?
Or what they are going through?
If they are crying out silently over things in their life?
Instead we are too busy obsessing,
We are obsessing over the money we make,
The possessions that we own,
Rather we are high up the income ladder,
We care more about the welfare of ourselves,
Instead of those hurting in this world,
Where is the obsession over those that are homeless?
Those who have been abused sexually, physically, or mentally,
Maybe even all of the above?
Those that are sold into some sort of slavery,
Because of our attitudes toward others,
Treating them as they aren’t even a person,
Caring nothing about them,
Or how much they are worth?
There is so much true injustice in this world,
We need to put behind these obsessions,
Those things that do not even matter,
We need to forget about our own cares,
And see the needs of others,
Instead of obsessing over things that can change easily,
Let us put our attention to those things that need a change,
Helping those that truly need it,
Those who are homeless,
Children without homes,
Those sold to unhuman slavery,
And being sold for just their bodies,
We need to start putting in a stand,
And put our voices out there,
To not obsess over those small things in the world,
And focus on those that need us more than ever.
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