Caught By You

When I am near you,
My heart starts to race,
As I am quickly under your charm,
The ease of talking to you,
The smiles on my face,
The way I feel seduced by you,
So quickly I fall,
Drowned by lack of reason,
As you touch the depth of my heart,
Embracing the impact,
As I lose all senses,
Moment after moment,
Fantasy and reality mixing quickly,
I cannot turn away,
You draw me to your arms,
And into your embrace,
I cannot fight this feeling,
Even if I wished,
Caught by you completely,
My being becomes yours,
This moment is completed as I become yours,
As you run your hands over me,
My senses burn on fire,
I am washed by the feeling,
Desire burns through so deeply,
My body is filled to the depths of you,
Than you look into my eyes with passion,
And I feel your desire,
As you kiss me my fate has been sealed,
This dance of seduction has been won,
And now you claim me as your own,
I surrender it all,
And my desires are met,
As you take me to the depths of the unknown,
Passion and desire met,
As we become one.
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