Our Hearts Dance Together

Our hearts dance together,
Encircling each other,
Molding into one,
Our spirits soar as we touch,
As the flame encompasses us both,
Burning our lives with passion and desire,
Bringing into life two worlds,
That are molding into one,
Giving and receiving,
Holding and being,
As each moment takes us in,
Takes us into the depths like never before,
Just a simple dance,
A simple conversation,
And we find ourselves falling,
Falling into this depth,
And our hearts dance together,
Finding something real and true within each other,
Strength upon strength,
And wonder without measure,
Dancing with you,
Speaking with you,
It brings my heart so much pleasure,
It brings my life so much joy,
It brings my soul so much beauty,
You encompassed me from the first moment,
And then left an impression on my heart,
And in my soul,
And in my dreams,
And you captured me by that moment,
Than our hearts danced together,
Deep in that moment,
Deep in this time together,
Embracing one another,
Throwing it all out there,
Letting the passion and desire go,
Giving into the love and hope,
And letting our hearts dance,
Dance together as one.
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