Let Me Be Your Beacon

Let me be your beacon,
Beacon of love,
Of hope,
Of dreams,
Of sunlight,
On this cold dark world,
Let me shine for you,
Like a lighthouse does for ships,
On the lonely dark sea,
With waves threatening,
And emotions that crash,
Through and through,
All I want is for you to feel,
To sense,
To know,
All the love and emotions,
The heart and depth,
Through my soul,
I know the battle is rough,
That life keeps giving you lemons,
But let me be your beacon,
Beacon of light to shine through,
To the depth of your heart,
To warm those dark places,
The ones you battle with,
To the very corners of your mind,
I want to shine my warmth,
Everything that you found in me,
Give you that strength,
Peace with hope,
Dreams without limitations,
And every part of me,
Let me be your beacon,
Beacon of hope,
Beacon of love,
Beacon of beauty,
And your baby girl always,
To find your way home,
A way home to my arms,
And a way home to me.
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