Many things in this life require wisdom,
Requires thinking critically about what is going on,
Requires stepping out of the moment,
And really weighing what we are doing in our life,
How many times have we wished we took a moment?
Took some time to truly listen to wisdom,
Those small voices that speak in our mind,
Those voices that can grow strong if we let it,
Looking beyond just the situation,
Looking more into the future,
Not making some hasty thought,
Or wishing we did something different,
We learn wisdom through many ways,
The life challenges that we go through,
Growing up sometimes before we should,
Growing up too late at other times,
We learn wisdom from our parents,
Or the lack there of,
We learn wisdom when we seek others opinion,
If they are wiser than us,
We can learn wisdom from God,
If we seek Him first before anything,
Many things in this life require wisdom,
Deciding on our careers,
Deciding on the path that we take,
Who to marry,
How many kids to have,
What house to buy?
And so many other decisions we might take for granted,
What do you use for wisdom?
Do you use something that could be wrong?
Or do you seek for the right answers?
Do you listen to the right counsel?
Or do you listen to those things that can turn you aside?
If you wish for blessings,
If you wish for a good life,
Be sure to listen to the right wisdom,
And that my friend,
Is all the difference in the world.
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