We Are Broken

If we truly look at ourselves,
If we actually took the moment,
If we stopped being busy,
If we stopped making excuses,
If we stopped everything,
We would realize that we are broken,
Each one of us,
In some form or another,
Some of us have more than others,
Rather it be from past relationships,
To situations those that we put ourselves in,
To those that we didn’t ask for,
To day to day decisions that we make,
We are broken to the core,
We do not realize how non whole we are,
We may feel that we have it all together,
We may feel that we can handle this life just fine,
That we don’t need any special revelations,
We don’t need no one telling us how to best live this life,
We believe that we can do it all,
We believe that we know better than anyone else,
Or anything else for that manner,
We are broken,
Each one of us,
When we truly look inside,
When we realize that we are all missing something,
That our hearts can never be truly full,
When our lives just don’t seem right,
Even those that are stubborn,
Can see it if they take a moment,
If they truly looked inside,
If they stopped trying to listen to everything else,
That this world tries to promise us,
It tries to lure us to many things,
It tries to say that these things will fill that need,
That all we need is this one thing,
Or more of something else,
We keep trying to look for it,
We keep trying to believe we can find it,
But until we look inside,
Until we look at us for what we are,
We won’t realize the simple answer,
To fill the brokenness that we are,
To fill that loneliness that is deep inside each of us,
Deep inside the very heart,
The very soul of ourselves,
When we look inside,
When we open our hearts to true inspection,
We will see the brokenness of ourselves,
We will see the gaping need,
And when we call out to our God,
To the one that desires to fill every part of our life,
To fill every heartache that we have inside,
To repair that brokenness of our lives,
When we call out to Him,
Tell Him please fix me Lord,
Fix this brokenness inside of me,
I am tired of doing it on my own,
I am tired of hurting every day,
I am tired of trying to find something to fill me,
And everything just seems to disappoint,
I need you Lord,
I need you inside of my heart,
Make my heart truly full,
And broken no more.
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