Was it foolish to let it end that way?
To let things go after all this time?
Was it foolish to not call you back?
To beg you to listen to me?
To beg you to think of what is going on?
To give it some time to work itself out?
To give it a moment to remember how long,
How long we have known each other,
How much we have been through before this,
How much we have been there for each other,
How much we have seen each other through,
To remember that pain is just temporary,
That this didn’t have to be the end to the friendship,
End of so many years of knowing each other,
We both had trusted each other with secrets,
Ones that we didn’t tell anyone else,
We saw so many other relationships around us falling apart,
But we felt blessed,
We knew that we were strong,
We thought we could get through everything,
We thought we could manage it all,
We thought nothing could tear us apart,
We didn’t prepare for the possibility,
We didn’t think it could happen to us,
We saw what happened to other friendships,
And we vowed we would be different,
Oh but were we truly different?
Were we just feeling that nothing could,
Nothing could truly stop us?
Were we foolish to think?
That there might just be a trial,
Just might be a disagreement,
That could make everything we had fall apart,
To break apart like it has?
Now that I look at the moment,
I would have approached things maybe a bit different,
I would have maybe found another way,
But maybe this is how it will be,
That foolish decision,
That foolish moment,
When we let things break apart,
We had before been able to let things go,
Let someone have a different opinion,
But on this we could not,
We had to let the stubbornness be in the way,
We had to let those things,
Mold what we had for so long,
We were both so foolish,
We should have said that no matter what was said,
That it was not going to affect the friendship,
That we weren’t going to let it die,
Not after so many years of knowing each other,
After so many things we been through together,
We should have done so many things,
We should have realized that no matter the length of time,
You can’t just think everything will be okay,
No matter what is going on,
It takes work every day,
Because it is something that requires constant care,
And we let foolishness ruin it all,
And now we are no longer friends,
And we no longer talk,
And our stubbornness paved the road,
To the foolishness that we both have to live with.
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