In Case of an Emergency

In case of an emergency,
In case you need some encouragement,
In case you need comforting,
In case you lost your best friend,
Your father,
Your mother,
Your son,
Your daughter,
Your house,
Your material possessions,
You have no more strength,
You are weary to the bone,
You don’t know where else to turn to,
You wonder what you can do now,
This is the time my friend,
To turn to Him,
To turn to God,
To the creator of it all,
The one that fashioned you and me,
The one that brought on the flood,
The one that controls the weather,
The one that controls rather or not the sun keeps going,
Rather or not the moon comes up,
Rather or not rains come,
You feel that you are falling apart,
Your relationships seem to be nonexistent,
This is the time my friend,
To depend on Him even more,
When you are tired of trying it on your own,
When you are tired of thinking you know it all,
When everything else has failed,
He will not fail you,
He is there for you always,
And not just in emergencies,
But when there is an emergency,
And you need a helping hand,
Just look above you,
Put your hands together,
Shout to the Lord,
Tell Him what is troubling you,
Tell Him what is ailing you,
Tell Him all the desires in your heart,
Tell Him everything that is in your mind,
When everything else is falling apart,
When everything seems dark and blue,
When everything else seems to be fading away,
When everything else doesn’t make sense,
That is the time my friend,
To use His word,
To mediate on His words,
To mediate on Him,
To call out His name,
To tell Him that you put your life in His hands,
That you no longer what an in case of an emergency,
Type of relationship,
You want something stronger,
You need something stable in your life,
Because everything else is not,
Turn to Him,
And He will walk with you always.
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