My Inner Voice

Darkness and shadows are where my voice has dwelled,
Ever since it has been afraid,
To step into the light,
To step out from hiding,
My voice and words have always been,
The strength I would draw from,
To convey the depth of my heart,
But pain and hurt has brought,
My inner voice to its knees,
Afraid to speak once again,
Those words of depth and truth,
Of beauty and light,
Thrown against the wall,
Thrown against steel,
Belief that once was so simple,
Scared to be felt again,
Wanting to break free from chains,
Wanting to express love,
And to be given hope,
To be given faith,
To be given light,
To float through as once before,
Can you break through the darkness?
Can you break through the shadows?
Can you give it comfort?
Can you lift this curse?
The one that has gripped my heart?
The one that has held onto my inner voice?
Darkness and shadows are not where my voice belongs,
It belongs in the wind of dreams,
It belongs in the ocean of truth,
It belongs in the depth of love,
To express emotions strong and true,
But my inner voice has fear,
Fear that has driven it to its knees,
Fear that hasn’t been felt,
To this depth of my heart,
It struggles against these unfamiliar chains,
More than ever it needs the warmth,
The hope and peace,
Of love strong and true,
To wash completely over me,
To step into the light,
To embrace again the world,
That my inner voice belongs to,
To embrace home once again.
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