Sometimes in Life

Sometimes in life,
We are given second chances,
An opportunity to right wrongs,
To apologize for past hurts,
To start fresh,
To start anew,
Sometimes we are given hope,
A time to reach out our hands,
To grab onto a moment,
A moment that can change one’s life,
And bringing back something lost,
One may not be able to undo the past,
The words spoken,
Harsh actions that were done,
But sometimes paths will cross,
And will bring you back,
What once was lost,
What might have felt gone forever,
Sometimes in life,
If we are truly blessed,
One can find a second chance,
An ability to start anew,
To regain a friendship,
Or even a past love,
And rebuild that connection once again,
To find life within that connection again,
To find a meaning and beauty again,
To give us hope and peace from our past,
And to find a way to start over again,
Sometimes in life,
If we are truly lucky,
If we are truly blessed,
We are given a second chance,
A chance to find the way back,
To the way things were before,
Before whatever happened to break things apart,
And leave a hurt and pain in our hearts,
And in the depth of our souls,
And it is those second chances,
Those moments that we are given,
Those paths that cross again,
That are truly worth the weight,
Of all that has happened before.
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