You Came Into My Life So Unexpected

You came into my life so unexpected,
So unplanned yet so easily,
Just one conversation was all it took,
And I was hooked from that instant,
I wasn’t really looking,
And you had someone at the time,
But the flirting came so easily,
And together we seemed so unstoppable,
Than you became free,
And came to spend time with me,
Wanting to just see me and talk to me,
To get to know more of me,
Wanting to learn more of this girl,
This girl that brightened your day so easily,
That gave you happiness and smiles,
Before really knowing me,
You came into my life so unexpected,
Bringing me smiles so easily,
Making my day so much brighter,
Than it could have ever been before,
So easily I can talk to you,
So easily I can spend time with you,
So easily it is to fall for you,
So easily to just hold onto you,
To these moments that we are spending,
How much I want to know you,
How much more I want to learn,
How much more I want to listen to you,
You came into my life so unexpected,
As if fate and destiny intermingled,
As if two paths came together,
That were destined to meet in this crazy world,
Now all I can do is keep smiling,
Now all I can do is keep laughing,
You always make me feel so special,
So important to you,
So amazing every time I talk to you,
Now I just want to know you more and more,
And every moment I spend with you,
I fall a little harder,
I fall a little deeper,
I enjoy just a little more,
Because although you came into my life,
So unreal and unexpected,
I couldn’t have asked for better,
I couldn’t have wished for more,
Because every time now that I talk to you,
I find myself enjoying life even more,
Seeing the world even brighter,
Then I ever could have seen it before,
And I am glad you are in my life darling,
And brought such a smile to my face,
Every single day.
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